My Services


A personalized consultation in your home providing:

  • A personalized evaluation for each client to determine attitudes towards food, typical daily diet, the effects on the body and spirit and the modifications that needed to be made.
  • All the tools necessary to create a safe haven in your kitchen by eliminating all the unhealthy items from your refrigerator and pantry and how to make choices that will healthy and delicious.
  • What it takes so that you will enjoy food in its purest form with no fear, guilt or shame attached therefore making your lifestyle change easy to attain and maintain.
  • Instruction on how to gain the awareness necessary to make healthy choices.


You will learn:

  • How to read labels, what to buy and what to leave behind.
  • How to stuck up your pantry, refrigerator and freezer with clean, unprocessed, easy to use foods.
  • Easy to follow Mediterranean recipes to delight all your senses.
  • To become an artist in your kitchen, having fun putting a whole variety of colors, shapes, textures, flavors and aromas.
  • All my secrets on how to revise recipes, making them healthier without compromising taste.
  • My favorite brands of foods that will make shopping so much easier.
  • How to put a meal together in less time and money you would spend by going to a fast food restaurant and enjoy all the benefits of good food and its effects on your body and soul.


  • Identify why we are such a weighty nation.
  • Shocking statistics about excess weight being the underlying cause of all major diseases.
  • Learn to empower yourself to wanting to make lifestyle changes.
  • Make the connection between fake foods and addiction and how the cycle be broken.
  • Learn to take a personal inventory by determining where you are with your weight and amount of body fat and where you need tobe.
  • Learn how to attain and maintain your desired weight by following the Mediterranean cuisine—the world's healthiest diet with an endlessly sensuous and soul satisfying foods.
  • Making the 12 principles of the Mediterranean way your way along with its fun spirit to create health, youthfulness and vitality.